Teletherapy Options in Colorado

teletherapy session colorado

Residents from Colorado and surrounding areas will be happy to know that the Colorado Center for Couples and Families offers telehealth/teletherapy options if you wish to stay home during the counseling sessions.

Remote marriage counseling Colorado offers the same level of insight, comfort, and healing to couples who wish to begin working on their relationships. You lose nothing from being in an online environment with our marriage counselor, and you can gain all the benefits without leaving home. So sign up for a marriage counselor on Zoom today and let the healing and recovery begin.  

How Does Colorado Teletherapy Work?

A qualified therapist can provide teletherapy or telehealth to a patient anywhere in the state or the world through personal audio or video connection. From afar, patients and therapists can have the same conversations they would in an in-person session.

All teletherapy sessions, whether over the phone or online, must also adhere to HIPAA regulations to be legal. Access to a phone, computer, or tablet, as well as a private place to talk, are all requirements for this novel form of therapy.

Advantages of Telehealth Services

Patients can now manage their appointments in various creative ways. For example, teletherapy provides access to remote marriage counseling in Colorado from the convenience of one’s own home. Telehealth services also provide additional benefits:

Get Marriage Counseling Any Time, Anywhere

Being able to hold a session anywhere is one of the many advantages of having a marriage counselor on Zoom.

Remote marriage counseling can be as effective as traditional in-person sessions. People who live far from their therapist now have more options. And those who cannot get around by private or public vehicle.

The demands of traveling to and from appointments are eliminated in the process. The need for parents to arrange for childcare is also reduced. In addition, parents no longer need to take time off work to attend marriage counseling sessions.

Having a Marriage Counselor on Zoom Helps with Hectic Schedules

Couples whose schedules don’t mesh well enough to make regular therapy sessions feasible may decide against pursuing it. The benefit of online therapy is that participants need not be in the exact physical location.

Cancellations Are Less Likely with Teletherapy

Due to the convenience of online scheduling, fewer cancellations occur in marriage counseling sessions that take place in virtual spaces.

Appointments are less frequently missed by the patient or the clinician who scheduled the appointment. In addition, online couples therapy allows you to get started without leaving your couch. And since online sessions are less demanding, those who feel like avoiding sessions would feel less compelled to miss online counseling appointments.

Telehealth Services are Much More Private

The convenience and anonymity of online therapy for couples is a significant benefits.

When couples go to therapy, one person may initiate the session. There’s a chance that your partner isn’t quite as enthusiastic, though. Having therapy sessions online is less stressful for the couple.

The couple can participate in the session from the comfort of their own home rather than facing the potential anxiety of an in-person meeting. Online couples therapy has the added benefit of being discreet, which may appeal to some couples. In case they are worried about seeing familiar faces in the workplace. There are many ways in which online therapy is more discreet than in-person sessions.

Remote Marriage Counseling Colorado Is Perfect For Long-Distance Relationships

The long-distance couple is one of the most dynamic types of modern couples. Online couples therapy has changed the landscape for these couples, too. Previously, it was impossible or too expensive to hold video conferencing sessions with people from different countries.

Online couples therapy is ideal for this type of relationship for apparent reasons. First, half of the couple may be in Colorado, but the other may be in Europe or Asia.

There’s nothing easy with working on a long-distance relationship.

Trust and open dialogue are less of an issue between physically close partners. Couples can now work together to establish a weekly time to focus on their relationship, even if they live in different time zones. This will help these relationships continue until the partners can move in together.

Do You Want to Try Remote Marriage Counseling in Colorado?

Once you and your spouse have made it through the challenging years of childrearing, professional growth, and homemaking, you may feel like you’ve made it through the worst of the relationship storms. But many couples find their conflicts escalate as they spend more time together.

So don’t be surprised to find out that some retirees end up divorcing once they spend more hours at home with each other, away from the usual responsibilities that take decades of their time before. 

No age group is immune from the common financial and communication problems plaguing married couples.

These aren’t problems that can’t be worked out between a couple at any point in their marriage. Most couples seek therapy to determine if they should end their marriage after they have already given up on saving their relationship.

Suppose you or your partner are skeptical that marriage counseling could improve your relationship. In that case, you may want to think about the following shared statements that couples give when they refuse to try even remote marriage counseling in Colorado:

“There’s Nothing’s Wrong with Us”

The adage goes something like, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Don’t take that literally. Experts advise partners to protect, nourish, and protect their union with all their might to avoid a divorce.

Pre-emptive marriage counseling improved marital functioning and satisfaction in a study of couples married for more than thirty years, with an average age of 60. The couples’ sexual lives also flourished.

“Pardon? But We’re Total Soulmates”

While idealistic views of marriage are exciting at the beginning of a relationship, they can cause problems. Data shows that soul mates are more likely to be happy together, fight, and eventually part ways. If you or your spouse/partner fit into this category, couples counseling may help navigate the high expectations you both hold for each other.

“I’m Sorry, But Therapy Is Very Strict”

Counseling and therapy may sound intimidating, but it may be more manageable if you consider it a checkup. For example, many different types of couples agreed to participate in a “marriage checkup” when researchers asked those skeptical of therapy to do so. One of the study’s respondents said that he thinks his marriage is fine, but it doesn’t hurt to check what’s going on so they can keep it healthier.


Apprehension is normal for couples going to therapy for the first time. However, if you’re not ready for an on-site physical counseling session, you can always ask us about talking to a marriage counselor on Zoom.